Playground Construction Parking Notification for Hollywood House Renters

As we approach the summer and the Hollywood and surrounding communities start feeling more comfortable gathering together, the HCA is getting calls about renting the Hollywood House.

Note that the House will have restricted parking for the better part of the summer. Renters can park on the streets around the Hollywood House, but should follow local Village parking rules.

The construction company hired by District 96 to build the new playground and Hollywood Elementary additions, Apex, has informed us that the driveway and the school parking lot will be fenced off and only available to the construction company. That will begin on June 11, 2021 and run through August 14, 2021.

"The site fence encompasses the driveway per the plan we sent you earlier today and is needed as part of the construction process described above. Access to HCA is maintained through the existing walkway indicated and the site fence has been pulled back to accommodate the 2nd means of egress. The driveway expansion will be one of the last activities completed but access to the site is maintained through the existing driveway. The contractor will be responsible for replacing any damage to the existing landscape and a landscape plan for new plantings is shared with you."

"From a safety perspective it is our recommendation that all visitors to the site / HCA use the available street parking. There will be days when the contractors work weekends to maintain schedule and they would need full access to the site through the driveway."

See below for both the construction plan, which shows the fencing, and the landscape plan. We were given permission by Apex to share them with the community.

Hollywood Elementary Construction Plan 2021
Hollywood Elementary Landscape Plan 2021

We understand this will be an additional burden to Hollywood House renters, but hope you understand.

It's been eight years since the HCA first proposed to the D96 school board that the playground area expanded and the current equipment replaced with new and better equipment. That is happening and we're grateful to be a small part of the effort.

Thank you for your understanding.