Rent the Hollywood House

The Hollywood Community House is available to rent for all occasions - birthdays, weddings, meetings and more. Located near the Brookfield Zoo, in Hollywood, IL (includes parts of Brookfield, Riverside and Lyons), this 100-year-old neighborhood building is perfect for your event.

To rent the Hollywood House for your event:

  1. Check the Rental Calendar to see if the date is available.
  2. Complete and submit the Rental Request Form.
  3. When you hear from one of the HCA Board members confirming your rental, pay the security deposit.
  4. Before your event date, pay your rental fee.

Please note that the Hollywood House rentals are managed by volunteers -- it may take us two to three days to get back to you. :)

Rental fees are very reasonable. You do not have to be a member to rent.

  HCA Members Non-
Upstairs/Main Room
6 PM until Midnight $65/hr $75/hr
Before 6 PM $50/hr $60/hr
  $45/rental $55/rental


The Hollywood House allows up to 150 people, at full capacity, if you rent both the upstairs and the kitchen. But, that's a tight fit. We find it's a lot more comfortable for your guests with 100 or less. 

Security Deposit

A security deposit of $175 for rentals is required. Following your rental, the House will be checked by the HCA rental agent to insure it was cleaned and returned to a state that it can be rented again. Deposits are returned, within 7-10 business days, to the credit card used to make the deposit.


The HCA does NOT have a license for alcohol service and does not allow selling of alcohol on its premises. Renters are allowed to bring in alcohol as long as it is done so within the constraints of the local and state laws. If you wish to sell alcohol to your guests, please contact the Village of Brookfield to obtain the proper licenses.

COVID Information

Events can take place for a variety of reasons that make use of our indoor facilities and outdoor grounds. Regardless of the function being held, any in-person event necessarily carries a certain level of risk, HCA asks that everyone using the facility takes reasonable efforts to maintain the safety of all in attendance during their event. Prior to any new event, the HCA complies with recommended CDC cleaning protocols before and after each event for the health and safety of all our guests. Keep in mind, it is possible that an event may take place prior to another event within 24 hours, as such, the HCA will notify the renters prior to this happening. The renters may continue to host their event at their own discretion. There shall not be any explicit or implicit expectation for anyone to attend an event if for any reason they are uncomfortable or do not wish to attend.

Map to Hollywood Community House

Click the image below to download a PDF map to give to your guests.
Map to Hollywood IL

The Hollywood House main room, looking west

The Hollywood House main room, looking east

The Hollywood House kitchen

The Hollywood House kitchen